New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life) is a non-profit organization which for more than 50 years has been specializing in mental health services and promotion. Most of its services are government-subvented. In a continuous effort to promote holistic body(3), mind(3) and spirit(0) well-being among the public, New Life created the brand “330” in 2011. In Cantonese, “330” is the homophony of “body(3), mind(3) and spirit(0)”. Through space330, New Life provides a series of well-being workshops and training courses. At the same time, New Life offers a variety of healthy food and catering services through social enterprises, notably farmfresh330 and cafe330.

New Life encourages everyone to take care of our own 330 well-being and has launched, since 2019, a dayday330 community awareness campaign to encourage every one of us to nurture a 330 habit by practising a 330 micro break of at least 3 minutes and 30 seconds every day.


New Life has newly started a “friends330” membership programme to share well-being information, related products and evidence-based tools with friends in “friends330”, in order to help all of us foster our own 330 well-being and enjoy a happy life.

“friends330” is open to all of you who…(Starting from 22 June 2020)

  1. have made cumulative donations of $1,200 or above in cash or in-kind donation value (by invitation), or
  2. have collected 30 stamps from farmfresh330, cafe330 and space330.  (Purchases made on the eshop are excluded)


  • A welcome gift of “friends330” for redemption in our farmfresh330, cafe330 or space330 by presenting Welcome Gift Redemption Voucher
  • Enjoy a 5% discount for purchase at farmfresh330 and cafe330, or for participating workshops or training courses at space330 upon presentation of the friends330 card#
  • Priority enrollment and “friends” price for joining friends330 workshops
  • New Life’s e-newsletter, 330 well-being tips and latest news on New Life’s activities and events

# Unless otherwise specified, offers under “friends330” cannot be used in conjunction with reward cards and/or any other discounts or offers (including staff price).

Terms and Conditions:

  • Every mobile phone number is eligible for membership registration once only.
  • By entering “friend330”, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of “friend330” as well as the Disclaimer and the Privacy Policy Statement as set out in dayday330 website.
  • New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association has the absolute right to amend, delete or supplement any of these terms and conditions at its sole discretion, and at its sole discretion to change, suspend or terminate “friend330” at any time without giving prior notice to members of “friends330”.
  • In case of any disputes, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association reserves the right to make final and binding decision.

Enquiry regarding delivery of reward card and stamp: 2231 7500 (Social Enterprise)
Enquiry regarding “friend330”: 2332 4343 (Corporate Communication Department)

friends330 workshop (Details will be announced later on)

  • Tasting – Mindful Tea Tasting

    Join us to explore the nature of your mind through a cup of tea.

  • Tasting – Food Surplus Upcycling

    To make a snack for tea time and natural crayons with ingredients collected from markets. The ingredients are expected to be good for emotions and make good use of resources.

  • Appreciation – Touch-able Self-Portrait. A Journey to Discover Yourself

    Explore your appearance with senses other than vision.

  • Appreciation – Exploring Yourself through Performing Art

    Through trying out different characters, you can explore and become aware of your inner self.

  • Awareness – Family Nature Tour

    Families will spend time on learning about nature as well as having a shared experience together in nature.

  • Awareness – Family Organic Farming Experience

    Parents and children will learn the basics of organic farming and planting to start a green life.

Remarks: Arrangement and content of workshops are subject to change without prior notice.

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