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Easy ways to foster 330 Well-being

  • Nourish Our 330 Well-being during the Epidemic

    During the epidemic, we may pay extra attention to our health conditions and other epidemic-related information. We may easily feel tired and exhausted. In fact, body, mind and spirit mutually interact with each other. Therefore, at this moment, it’s more important for us to leave ourselves a space for our well-being and take a 330 micro break.

    In addition, we can also refer to the “Five Ways to Well-being” to practise “330 micro breaks” to enhance our 330 well-being. The Five Ways to Well-being is an evidence-based method which was researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation (the NEF) in the UK. It is suitable for us to practise these five ways and relevant 330 micro break activities at home.

    1. Take notice on your sentiments and mental state

    In the face of the epidemic, worry and anxiety are inevitable emotions. We should take good care of our emotions arise from uncertainty and to cope with the challenges under the epidemic with a better physical and mental state.

    Recommended 330 micro break activities: Practising mindfulness— “Series of Taking Caring of Your Well-being Under the Epidemic”

    i) Refocusing your mind under the uncertainty

    Breathing in and out to refocus your mind before dealing with the present challenges properly.

    ii) Take care of your anxious emotions

    Whenever you feel anxious, stop to monitor and take care of yourself.

    iii) Live with your troubles

    Pay attention to your every step to gradually relieve your unstable emotions.

    iv) Learn to get better sleep

    Observe the feeling of your body and imagine the breathing in and out of your body to improve the condition of muscle tension.

    v) Nourish our stressed body

    To soothe our nervousness by stretching our tensed body.

    vi) Devote time for self-compassion

    Listen to and observe the feeling of your body, and to nourish your well-being with compassion.

    2. Be active with appropriate exercise

    Exercise is important to our mental health as well as our physical health. We can do light exercises and that do not take up much space at home. Maintaining an appropriate level of exercises can strengthen our body and refresh ourselves. Remember to keep working at it even though the time is short.

    Recommended 330 micro break activities: Practising Mindful Stretching Exercise at home can relax our body and relieve stress.

    3. Practise self-care and care for others

    Helping others makes us happy. During the epidemic, in addition to taking care of ourselves and our family, we can also give others a helping hand such as sharing our anti-epidemic materials. Don’t forget to take care of our friends, colleagues, etc. too.

    Recommended 330 micro break activities: Apart from sharing our anti-epidemic materials with people in need, we can also take the initiative to greet our family members, colleagues, and friends and to offer encouragement; or to create stickers from instant messaging applications as well as interesting videos and so on. It allows us to enjoy the happiness of creation and at the same time to share the positive vibes with family and friends.

    4. Connect with others

    The advanced technology bridges the gap of physical distances between our family and friends. Through instant messaging platforms, we can instantly get in touch with others and be their side even when we are apart.

    Recommended 330 micro break activities: Even though we are not able to meet face to face, you are greatly encouraged to be genuine and attentive while contacting with your family and friends through phone call or video call. Apart from information about the epidemic, we can also share anecdotes or funny things you saw on the Internet to relax ourselves.

    5. Keep learning to enrich your life

    It is a good opportunity to make use of the time staying at home to nurture new habits, learn new knowledge or to set new goals. We can relieve from daily boredom and gain the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from exposure to new things.

    Recommended 330 micro break activities: You can read a book, study cookery, learn to plant, etc. as long as the activities are wholesome, and you enjoy doing. Most importantly, you are encouraged to put aside other work and be fully indulged in the activity. If you feel appropriate, you can focus on the feeling of different senses, savour the feeling of happiness, satisfaction and relaxation.

    During the epidemic, increasing our immunity is of great importance. As body, mind and spirit are closely related, strengthening our mind is also essential. We hope that every one of us can nurture the habit of practicing 330 micro break every day to take care of our 330 well-being.


  • [dayday330 campaign] Practise a 330 Micro break every day

    Let’s see how Lokyi Lai, an artist with brilliant cooking skill, to take care of his 330 well-being by practising 330 micro break every day

  • dayday330 Drama

    Every one of us should take care of our own well-being (330). Spending at least 3 minutes 30 seconds every day to practise micro break can help us alleviate our negative emotion and release our stress. What can we do for our 330 micro break? Let’s see what the characters are going to share with us!

  • Experience on 330 Micro break: 330 Tai Chi Exercises by Ms. Li Fai

    Renowned Wushu master Li Fai, Chairperson of Hong Kong Taichi Youth Association, shows you step-by-step a 3 minutes 30 seconds daily tai chi exercise which not only helps you relax but also strengthens your body.

  • Experience on 330 Micro break: Hand Drip Floral Coffee by Mr. Tony Wong

    Tony, a barista trainer at cafe330 will show you how to enjoy 3 minutes 30 seconds by making a hand drip floral coffee. A cup of floral coffee will definitely make your day.

  • Experience on 330 Micro break: Breath Ball Stretching Exercises by Mr. Ken Wong

    Please come and join Ken, an experienced yoga and MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) trainer, to practise the Breath Ball Stretching Exercise which comprises physical exercises, positive thinking and meridian massage.

  • Hong Kong Elite Athlete – Ms. Lee Ka Man, Rower

    Ms. Lee Ka Man enjoys listening to music for her well-being.

  • Hong Kong Elite Athlete – Ms. Kei Chiong, Jockey

    Ms. Kei Chiong says stretching is her micro break.

  • Media Partner – Mr. Ken Kwok, Assistant Programme Director, Commercial Radio Hong Kong

    Mr. Ken Kwok shares with us his experience on how to manage stress.

  • Media Partner – Mr. Andes Yue, DJ of Commercial Radio Hong Kong

    Hosting overnight radio programs and there are still many tasks pending in daytime? Let’s see how Mr. Andes Yue squeezes out 3 minutes 30 seconds every day for a micro break.

  • Media Partner – Ms. Maggie Yeong, DJ of Commercial Radio Hong Kong

    Music lover Ms. Maggie Yeong enjoys her micro break by doing something different.

  • Media Partner – Ms. Cher Hung, DJ of Commercial Radio Hong Kong

    Ms. Cher Hung is now having three radio programs. Let’s see how Ms. Cher Hung nurtures a 330 micro break habit.

  • Artist – Ms. Karena Lam

    Ms. Karena Lam simply takes a nap every day.

  • Artist – Ms. Lydie Tong

    Ms. Lydie Tong takes a rest for 3 minutes 30 seconds every twenty minutes while using electronic devices.

  • Artist – Ms. Joan Tong

    Ms. Joan Tong stays relaxed while taking good care of family. Let’s see what she will do for her micro break.

  • Artist – Mr. Tyson Chak

    Mr. Tyson Chak understands the importance of a daily 330 micro break.

  • Artist – Mr. Zac Kao

    How to achieve balance between work, family and personal life? Here is Mr. Zac Kao’s advice.

  • Actor, Writer and Director – Mr. Cheung Tat Ming

    Mr. Cheung Tat Ming: doing exercises is a micro break.

  • Artist – Mr. Joey Leung

    Mr. Joey Leung enjoys watching cartoon and model making.

  • Artist – Ms. Skye Chan

    Ms. Skye Chan recharges her energy by taking a rest on her sofa.

  • Artist – Ms. Toby Chan

    What will Ms. Toby Chan do for her 330 micro break?

  • Artist – Ms. Annie Liu

    Sports is Ms. Annie Liu’s all-time favorite.

  • Artist – Ms. Lily Poon

    Having a walk outdoor helps Ms. Lily Poon relieve her stress and refresh her body and mind!

  • Artist – Ms. Jocelyn Choi

    Ms. Jocelyn Choi practises yoga every day for relaxation.

  • Actor, Director and Drama Tutor – Mr. Eric Tang

    Do you have pets? If you do, you may have the same micro break with Mr. Eric Tang.

  • Artist and Personal Trainer – Ms. Belinda Yan

    Reading is Ms. Belinda Yan’s choice for her micro break.

  • HKU Student – Chun

    Study and hobby both are important to Chun who is studying in The University of Hong Kong. Let’s see how Chun relaxes himself in 3 minutes 30 seconds.

  • HKU Student – Mary

    Studying major subjects related to food and nutrition in The University of Hong Kong, Mary notices that there are connections between food, body and mind.

  • Ethics & Compliance Specialist – Clark

    Just like the majority of Hong Kong people, Clark is busy all the time. Let’s see how Clark uses 3 minutes 30 seconds for a micro break.

  • Owner of Kung Wo Beancurd Factory – Renee

    Running a business is never easy. Though Renee has many tasks to deal with, she still manages to have a good time with her family.

  • Medical devices engineer – Swee Ng

    A micro break of 3 minutes 30 seconds helps Swee Ng relax and – his efficiency is enhanced!

  • Coffee Specialist – Ben Lam

    A micro break is essential to Ben who is always preoccupied by his work and family.

  • Auctioneer – Kam Ling

    Kam Ling is always enthusiastic about her work and is wearing different hats in her work life. Let’s see how she looks after her well-being.

  • Social Worker – Chui

    Breakfast and reading every day make Chui better prepared to tackle challenges in life.

  • Director of Youth Coaching, Inter Academy Hong Kong – Chiu Chun Kit

    Chiu Chun Kit chooses football coaching as his career. What is his choice for micro break?

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