Chairperson's Message

Established in 1965, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life) is a non-profit organization specialising in mental health. For over 50 years, we in New Life are committed to providing recovery-oriented services while at the same time striving to raise public awareness on a holistic 330 well-being, body (3), mind (3) and spirit (0). We hope that 330 well-being can become a daily practice of every one of us, as a warm reminder to all of us to care about our own 330 well-being.

The dayday330 campaign encourages every one of us to practise every day a “330 micro break”. Research evidence has showed that taking a micro break every day can help reduce stress, relieve emotions and enhance well-being. We can indulge ourselves in something we enjoy doing, such as having a mindful breathing exercise, listening to music, and going for a walk, etc. We can take a micro break longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds or more than one micro break a day; and of course we can do different things at different days. To encourage every one of us to nurture a dayday330 habit, we invite everyone to make a personal pledge by signing the dayday330 charter, thus taking care about our body, mind and spirit (330). We also invite corporations, shops, organizations and schools to be our supporting organizations to jointly promote the Campaign with us.

To promote the dayday330 campaign, we in New Life organize a series of activities for the public, such as the “dayday330” Experiential Day (330 Day), etc. Different activities will continue to be held at our The Wellness Centres and social enterprises.

We look forward to receiving your support.

Miss Annie TAM Kam-lan, GBS, JP
Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the
New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

Theme of the year

Well-being starts with the Five Ways (健康生活5重奏,邁向整全身心靈)

We encourage everyone to choose “330 micro-break” activities that promote physical (3), mental (3), and spiritual (0) well-being in accordance with the “5 Ways to Well-being” ─ “Take Notice”, “Be Active”, “Give”, “Connect” and “Keep learning” . In 330 micro break, we indulge ourselves in something we enjoy doing and good for 330 well-being.


Support dayday330 Campaign

Care about our 330 well-being: Joining the dayday330 Campaign

Give yourself a 330 promise and take care of your 330 well-being. You may also share your experience with your family and friends to encourage them to take care of their 330 well-being.

I pledge,

to practise a 330 micro break of at least 3 minutes and 30 seconds to take care of my own well-being, such as:


Thank you for signing the dayday330 charter. You will be invited to fill in dayday330 related questionnaires by email or WhatsApp. Thank you for your support.

330 well-being information will be sent to you by New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association via email or Whatsapp.

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